Italian Missing Children Institute: how it all began

In the world panorama, attention to issues related to minors is always very high. The theme “children” represents the nodal center of responsibilities related not only to the police but also to the whole population. In fact, it is true that most people realize the need for special protection for this age group. There are many pitfalls facing both daily life and the use of the internet. There seem to be constantly lurking individuals ready to take advantage of the innocence of young people. For this reason, the struggle for the protection of minors never ceases, on the contrary, it always seeks new ways and new inspirations to improve.
The Italian Missing Children Institute was born in this wake. It all starts with a trip to the United States, in particular in Alexandria (Virginia) where the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is located.
The mission of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is to bring missing children safely into the arms of their families. Their work never stops to counter the disappearances of children and anyone who wants to harm them.
During my internship at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children I was able to observe the dedication and commitment that distinguishes this center. From psychological assistance to the families of the disappeared to the realization of age progression by forensic artists, everyone gives their best by creating a strong synergy that gives hope to those who are suffering from the disappearance of their own child. Hope, that’s why National Center for Missing and Exploited Children exists.
Their work supports that of the FBI in finding missing children and provides important support. Their efficiency has made me realize how in Italy a service like their was needed. There are also many reports of the disappearance of minors in Italy and therefore the age progression service proves to be of crucial importance. Just think that the photo of a child who was missing 5 years ago cannot be circulated today. The somatic characteristics of a child’s face change with growth and therefore the mug shots must be reworked and updated periodically to be functional in finding the missing.
Encouraged, therefore, by the enthusiasm and energy of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, I decided to make my contribution to the search for missing children by creating the Italian Missing Children Institute.
How can we not be inspired by so much dedication and love?

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  1. I have a missing brother, he went missing between the year of 1980/88…He was born in 1972…His name is Handsome Thulasizwe Baba Mntambo.

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