What we do

The Italian Missing Children Institute as Services

1 – Age Progression: facial reconstruction aimed at aging applied to photos of missing children. Each photo will be changed every 2 years according to the guidelines used for changing the facial physiognomy based on age progression. This will be useful for disseminating mug shots of missing children updated according to their hypothetical current appearance.

2 – Digital Facial Reconstruction from unidentified skeletal remains: the determination of sex, age at death and geographical origin according to the methods of Forensic Anthropology will make it possible to reconstruct the facial physiognomy in case of unidentified human remains

3 – Facial Reconstruction from unidentified bodies in conditions of facial breakdown: this procedure has the purpose of modifying the conditions of the face of an unidentified body in case it is damaged or in a state of facial breakdown such as to compromise an identification. The process can be implemented according to the case thanks to the help of suitable software (Photoshop) or through manual intervention on the face by the forensic anthropologist

4 – Collection of information relating to missing children: in the case of Age progression, photos of parents and any brothers and / or sisters at different ages will be required to determine a facial development and growth line with the greatest possible percentage of accuracy. In the event of a missing report, information relating to previous trauma, surgery, dental care, eating habits, sports activities, lifestyle, etc. will be collected. This information is essential for forensic anthropological analysis in the case of the study of unidentified human remains

5 – Dissemination of mug shots made through age progression and facial reconstruction through social networks, flyers, television