About Us

The Italian Missing Children Institute (IMCI) was born following inspiration from the international scene regarding the search for missing children. The scientific approach and the continuous updating of its services make this Institute focused on modern identikit reconstruction techniques used worldwide for the search for missing children.

The Italian Missing Children is a service that puts the analysis methodologies of Forensic Anthropology at the disposal of missing children. In the realization of updated identikits of the disappeared and of facial reconstructions of unidentified skeletal remains, we intend to put science completely at the service of the public to combat a problem that afflicts society worldwide.

The Italian Missing Children Institute is:

The Institute offers a range of services aimed at supporting the search for missing children through modern technologies supported by continuous international training.

IMCI is open to collaborate with national and international bodies to make its service available and expand the communication network in view of a multidisciplinary approach.

IMCI promotes research and is constantly updated on the most recent methodologies aimed at improving its services.

Formation Center:
The IMCI aims at raising awareness and training regarding the search for missing children.